Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The loudest noise was the gentle breeze

 I'm torn: if it's really cool and windy, that means surf may be up. If it's not breezy, that means I'm hot on my walk. Either way, I enjoy the flowers.

Three = Trinity!
On my walk, I do not go into people's driveways or yards. That's just rude! So when the owner was outside weeding, I asked her if I could go into her driveway to take pictures of the plumeria. So this is what I saw:

Then I heard her say: but that's not my driveway! Oops. Her plumeria looked like this:


These flowers also come in purple, but I like the pink best.

These looked like maroon pineapples.
Reaching for the sky

Orchids on my lanai.
And a lotus for Julie!

This lizard did a really good job of hiding.
Creamy ivory rose

Christmas deco and orchids

The bird, a White Rumped Shama, sits on something high and awaits insects on the ground. Then it pounces!

Pretty daisy
These flowers look really wet, because the flash on my camera went off and all the details were readily seen.


Colorful sunrise

The Shama again, awaiting prey from higher up.

The Moon in clouds

Creamy white

My sweetheart's work attire. Yes, there are safety shirts with palm trees!
Today is my mammogram appointment. If you are over 40 and haven't had one yet, please make your appointment! That is how they found my breast cancer; early and successful removal. Praise God!

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