Sunday, November 15, 2020

Strolling on Sunday

 Had a very nice walk today: nice weather (a bit cooler), pretty dogs and nice flowers. 

God's rays
It could be an iris..perhaps the White African Iris! Hey! Maybe it does work to look these up online.
Purple and white w drops
Roses, both yellow and red. With rain drops
A mix of yellow roses

Succulent with water drops

When compared with trees, clouds show how immense they are
Arguably, the rose is the most perfect flower

Morning clouds, w tree

Can you spot the Saffron Finch?

I carried Sterling Silver roses at our wedding...over 20 years ago.

Very cute tomatoes

Helicopter "weeds"

Clouds showing the light coming from behind
A rainbow...I got almost all of it. I try not to put people's houses in my photos, but I wanted to catch as much of the rainbow as I could..

Yes, people have a good sense of humor: hippo with Santa hat.

Rainbow in clouds

You'll see the Moon; if you look down and to the right, Venus too.
The latest mystery flower

Pachyderms are big over here...not sure why. 
Plumeria about to unfurl

Roses always catch my eye, even behind a fence.

There are so many wonderful succulent plants!

And orchids

This could be a cousin to the "weed" that I call helicopter weed

These Lantana remind me of eggs

Crown of Thorns plant

Kolea tiptoeing on the pavement
Orchid on my lanai

There's a very nice family that grows wonderful roses!


Another mystery flower

This rose has so many layers. That adds to their charm. Nice scent, also.

The helicopter "weed"

This is a nice little bulldog that is very well behaved. In an earlier post, he was wearing a raincoat. HA.
Gold Retrievers will probably always be #1 in my heart...right up there with German Shorthair Pointers. (Play dog name: German Shortpug!)

God's rays

Maybe petunias...

Light makes such a difference

Indulge me with the following: i love Pink!

Surprise rainbow. They can sneak up on ya.
This is a really odd tree: it has those seeds/fruits all up on its trunk!
Thanks for reading! I don't participate on social media, so it's hard to get the word out: tell your friends. I'm hoping for an octo-return soon!

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