Saturday, March 14, 2020

Be Kind

Today, I spotted a swimmer using his go-pro stick to poke into an octo-den! The nerve. Did he not understand the Marine Preserve part of Hanauma Bay?

So I took his picture, followed him out and accosted him on the beach. Letting him know that poking the animals is not cool! I was sorry I didn't video him doing it; if I had, I would have reported him. He thanked me for the info and then told me that someone stole his stuff off the beach. Karma is a .....!

On to the good part of the dive: 7 octopuses! And a Scribbled Filefish. Barred Filefish. Nice water, too.

 You can see its eye and siphon. Good hiding spot, eh?

This is what I first saw: 

#2 hiding in its den
 It came out just a little bit when I swam away a bit.

But it never came out very far.

Neither did #3. You can see the white of its siphon at the upper right.
This one, #4, I found because the Trevally was circling. Poor octopus...

And then a Humu joined the team.
Humu 5 showing its dark brown
 and then its normal color.
 It was a small one.
A pretty good hiding place. You can see #6's eye and siphon. It did blow sand at me.

You can see how someone not going slowly could miss seeing this one.
This is #7, the one that the guy tried to poke out of the den. Unsuccessful. Thank God.
 One of the octopuses with the surrounding urchins.

I do love finding the little dears.

And before I forget, the earling morning sky:
 Since it lightened up early, I jumped in early, too. 
The Moon over the hills, through the clouds.

It's supposed to storm later, so I'm glad I got in early.
 What's not to love? 
3 biggish Trevally swam through. 
 An Abudefduf looked at me.

As did the Barred Filefish. Look at those teeth...
 Big Eye Emperor. This was taken early on, before the sun really rose, so it's not a great shot.
 Big parrot fish
 And a small Cornet fish.

Humu from different angles

And another operculum that is still right there where I found it. 
 Ornate Butterfly Fish


Octopus peeking at me.
 They always sink down under cover when you get closer.

Porcupine Puffer. Look at those spines!

Scribbled Filefish 
 Tiny Sergeant Major
 Tear Drop Butterfly


A very nice swim, though a bit marred by the jerk. I hope he learned something! And props to God for creating all these very pretty creatures.

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