Friday, December 27, 2019


Who knew that moving back to Oahu would mean missing the little Trunk Fish?

I asked one of the other regular swimmers if he sees them; he said no. I also have yet to see a Rockmover Wrasse, although my friend has posted a photo. I haven't seen 'em yet.

I have noted some fish that seem more prevalent here on Oahu, at least in Hanauma Bay: Picasso Trigger Fish. Bird Wrasse. And the amazing Lined Butterfly:
(Note also the Humu pair on the left.) The Lined Butterfly fish are much bigger than the Threadfin Butterfly fish. They have that large body (some say as big as a dinner plate!) and the black large line along their backs.
 Like the other butterfly fishes, they are usually seen in pairs.
They rather swim as if the reef belongs to them. 
Compare to the Threadfin:
We must not forget the stars of the show: he'e!
I snagged pictures of 3 today:
 Above, hiding well in its den, surrounded by rocks. And below, #2 is in there.
 I love it when they peek at me!

 This one eventually relaxed around me and showed more of its body.

 I don't think the Orange Spined Unicorn even saw the octopus!
Look at those spines!
And this is the photo for sale at the Gift Shop. So really, it was the first octopus of the day.....

Other excitement was the big Trevally. A group of 4, I think. But let me know what you think:
 This is the first one I saw. They were hanging together.
 I think there might be 4 in the photo just ahead of the one closest to the camera.

 They do get your attention, even just for their size.

They are totally disinterested in people, though. 
 My friend on Kauai has no idea what a FULL BEACH is! This was pretty early in the day, too.

 Barred Filefish was hungry.

This was one of the bigger Wana I have seen. It was hiding in a rock.
 This is the Brighteye Chromis with that unusual coloring. Still haven't researched why. 

Cone shell hiding.
 The female Bird Wrasse.

Trevally fishing with Goat fish.
 I like the Picasso Trigger, especially with a bit of light.

 Needle Fish. Not enough light to really show it.
 Parrot Fish. Loved the coloration.

You can see its spike, too. It can raise it when it feels like it.
 Before the sun came up. You can see rain offshore. Some fell on us, but from the other direction.
 There were a lot of people awaiting the sunrise.
 But it was worth it.
 The Barred Filefish showing its teeth.
I am enjoying the swimming on Oahu, so far. But I wish the reef were in better shape!

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