Sunday, December 15, 2019

Still glad i went

OK, the water quality was poor today, due I think to waves and the sun not totally coming up yet. However, I still spotted two octopuses, so my time was not wasted.

 I won't blame you if you don't see he'e #2...the water quality wasn't great!
I'm still counting it, though....

Another fish I gotta look up. The days are packed!

Brighteye Chromis and the mottled colored one, below. 

Picasso Trigger
 And the regular Humu

See the water quality?!
 Overloaded Urchin
 I am sorry to say that the Bay is very sad: much reef damage. 

But the sunrise is still pretty!!

God is good!
PS: I had started a pretend non-alcoholic beer last night and didn't finish it. I had it in my ice cube Bubba cup. So this morning, without thinking, I drank, because I wanted cold after my coffee. What a shocker! I can't remember the last time I had beer, albeit pretend beer, for breakfast!

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