Saturday, September 22, 2018

Humu time-out

There were a few animals today that were exciting....6 of them were octopuses! More on that in a moment...
This didn't occur to me when I took the photo, but upon returning home, it really looks like the Humu has been sent to his room for a time-out, doesn't it? :)
So, on to the octopuses: Six, I say. Yowsa.
 Yes, there really is one in there. Hard to see...isn't that their point? Their modus operandi?!
 You can see the siphon in this one. Again, hiding well.

This one was attached to the rock and seemingly hanging upside down. That is, not in a den. But I'd be willing to bet its den was just beyond and down from where this octopus was latched onto the rock.
 Now this one you can see. 

And this one was a little guy. Awww.
Again, look for the white tube (siphon) and the eye just above and to the left. I'm telling you, they are awesome at the whole camouflage/hiding thing!
 3 Rock Mover wrasses. So energetic. I didn't find any octopus today from rock mover hints.

The 3 spot Chromis, which protects coral. Look for the tiny black fish with white spot. They are adorable.
 Unusual to see 4 Moorish Idols in the same photo, so I snapped it, even though the water visibility was not stellar.

Four spot butterfly. Don't hurt yourself looking for the 3rd and 4th spots...they are on the other side.
 And of course, the Brighteye Chromis. I noted today that possibly because of this little, but aggressive, fish, an octopus was missing from its usual place. I think these guys dart at the larger animal until they go away. Not sure why they would care, but.
 These are closeups of some pretty shells. Note the octo-cloth. Once people know you like octopuses, they send you all kinds of stuff. 
 I will get out the shell book to determine what kind of cone shells these are.

 I didn't pick up this Cowry shell, thinking it was in good shape and probably occupied. Once I examined the photo, didn't see an animal inside. But I was surprised to see the small crab claw in the shell next to the Cowry! (white claw).

 Think about this next time you consider eating a sea cucumber....ewww
 Bluefin Trevally irritating the eel.

A couple nice eel photos for my sis-in-law, Sue.
 Fleabite cone.
 This Humu thought it was hiding. They do have a spike on the top of their heads which I'm told helps them be unable to be pulled out of holes like this. I haven't tested that. No need.
 I only just noticed this small Honu, as it was resting underneath. A few moments later, it surfaced for a breath.

Horn shell.
 I wondered how on earth these two things could be over a hole like this without falling in! There is nothing underneath supporting them...made me wonder if an octopus had placed them, showing the den was occupied.
 Saddleback Butterfly.

This poor Saddle Wrasse had a chunk taken out of its hide..
 Sand is pretty fascinating! I took the photo for the tan and darker lined shell, but also enjoyed the photo.

I will look this shell up. I would have taken a closer shot, but this was in the in-between part where the rip runs. I got off 3 shots and then had to go over.
 I'm calling this snowflake pretzel...ha. These eels are all over the reef and never bother me. But then, I don't step on them, either.
 Oh no! And octopus leg is coming out of the shell. Well, there's a chance I placed it there for effect.
 These are some of my favorite types of shells: the hairy Triton. I enjoy the smooth shapes and different levels and the overall cool design. Of course, by the time I found this one, years ago, all the hairs had disappeared.
 A partial Tun shell. I think they are quite pretty. 

Spiky urchin. If you look closely, you can see some more spines starting between the longer ones.
Quite a nice swim! Six octopuses is a great number. I may have to start my plastic card system again, so I can count when I see more than 5. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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