Thursday, September 6, 2018

Four he'e! whoop!

I guess once you've lived in Aggieland, you never lose it...Whoop!

Four octopuses today..I think! Yes, there is a bit of uncertainty because at one point #2 was hiding between rocks. Then I saw #3 and #4.  BUT, it is possible that #2 had moved and pretended to be #3. After all, I can't measure them, so I'm not sure if one might have moved. In any case, here we are:
 This is he'e #2. See the Rock Mover Wrasse on the left? That's what I mean when I say they are often associated. This fish had been rubbing itself against the bottom and the rocks, which sometimes means there's an octopus around. No, I don't know is SO hard to get fish and octopuses to talk to ya. 

Octopus #3. I think. I'm not sure I would have seen it, had those rocks not been surrounding its den. Yes, they can make their skin smooth or bumpy as this one has done.
 Octopus #2. Above and below

#3 peeking at me. 

You will probably see the Hawk Fish first....but look also for the octopus.

Sometimes I lose track of which one is which number...This one is showing its siphon and the eye just above and to the left:
Aren't they the coolest animals? God did a great thing when he created these. And of course, they didn't need the ark... Just sayin'.

Unusual to catch two Brighteye Chromis in the same frame, but here ya go.
 And two Raccoon Butterfly fish. They are not as plentiful on Kauai as on Oahu.

These I am calling the Too Close series...
 They just inserted themselves in front of my camera.

And below is the very cute but tiny Raccoon Butterfly fish. Maybe 2 inches long.
 The details of this fish's colors and patterns blows my mind: green head, blue near the tail and yellow tail to finish it off. And we haven't even discussed dots yet! Not to mention that the little juvenile is mostly red with white dots, i.e., totally different than the adult.

 The urchin had on its armor of rocks...

The tiny Raccoon again with other fish that help you see how small it really is.
 Brighteye showing the reason for its name.

 The green is on a cone shell.

Some poor crab got caught. The shell of the body (white) and the legs.
 Drupe shell.
 The little eel was kind of bluish....unusual.

Another fish I don't see very often over here is the Kole. Note the gold rim around its eye. 
I thought the Moorish idol looked nice as it picked some food off the reddish coral head. 
 My pal gave me the orange octo-box on the right. Then I realized I had orange octo-ness already, too! Hubby and a friend got together to buy me the orange metallic jewelry box, years ago. 
 Pencil urchins cram themselves in between rocks. I can only assume it is more protected there, than out in the open.

The Rock Mover swam near the octopus again...look for the white octo-siphon.
 Quite surprised to find these two eels sharing space! I have seen on videos where two of the same species share, but not two different types. The darker eel felt it had to impress me, so it mostly kept its mouth open and showed its teeth.
 I was thinking this could be a cone shell, but didn't recognize the type. Again, possibly totally wrong i.d....
 Seal snoozing on the island. My pref, because people leave them alone more when they are out there.
 Which did you eye go to first? The Raccoon Butterfly fish or the octopus? C'mon, you know how to find them now.....
Nice swim today. 4 octopuses really helps. None of them responded to my waggling fingers, though. I know they see me, but it would be nice to have one that actually ventured out to say hello! 

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