Saturday, April 14, 2018

some extra pix

 Cleaning station. In this case, a parrot fish was being cleaned.
 Octopus #1.
 Octopus 2.
 Honu. I talked a lady out of trying to swim with it. Oddly, it didn't matter when I told her it was ILLEGAL to follow them! 
 I only take pix as they go by...

 Very nice Turban shell. These are the shells that make the operculum...see below.

Isn't it cool how this seal seemed to have a stripe up its back? 
 Snowflake moray eel.

 Spotfin Scorpion Fish.
 This operculum was still in the Turban Shell! Well, partly in. I wasn't sure that no one was living in there, so I had to put it back down. Dang..

Nature is so amazing.....And God created it all!

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