Saturday, April 14, 2018

So glad I went!

So glad I went to the beach today!  Two octopuses and one bubble shell...with the animal still in it!!!

The shell itself was probably an inch long....the animal, much longer!
 I felt really blessed to see this one. It was so small that I could easily have missed it, swimming by.

It was on top of a rock.
And making pretty good time across the way. I almost started a video, but wanted to take pix instead. I find it quite interesting not only the shell pattern, but compared to the animal inside, it's amazing! Alex said: all that fits in the shell?! I think so.....
 Abudefduf. Say that 3 times fast....

Brighteye Chromis. See why it's named that?
 Another brighteye....upper right quadrant.

Buried eel nose. It was pretty well hidden. Note the long yellow nose thingies (yes, that's the scientific word for those!) Snowflake Moray eel.
 Two cowry shells well dug into a rock.

Well hidden eel... well it probably thought so! Reminded me of a kid, thinking he is hidden...with his butt sticking out. ha.
 Female Trunk Fish.

Flea bite cone. Delicate, but poisonous.
 Two hawkfish...different kinds. Same m.o..

The Rock Mover Wrasse that helped me find octopus #1.
 Octopus #2.
 Wrasses can be very bend-y. This is a yellow tail coris. and a parrot. and orange shoulder surgeon. and Moorish Idol. Yeah, a whole mess of fishies!
 Look how many colors! And this is the one that is red with white spots in the juvenile form.

 Lizard fish waiting for prey. Sometimes they burrow in the sand, to be even more hidden.
 Male Trunk Fish.


Palms and gray skies. Still a great swim!
 About a week ago, there was an octopus in the hole behind this spotfin scorpion fish. I would hate to think that the fish ate the octopus. Not impossible, but hopefully not a fact.

This seems like a nudibranch, but it was all balled up and rolling around like it was dead, maybe. Of course, I didn't touch it..
 Another mystery. This was sticking out of a rock. Really no guess about what it was..maybe some kind of sea cucumber?

Another shot of the possible nudibranch...

Great octopuses. Lots of pretty. A couple of firsts. And this was on a day when the predictions were for bad visibility, rain and possible brown water! Glad I went.

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