Sunday, April 29, 2018

First swim as a free woman!

Not that my former job was slavery (much!), but I really enjoyed a swim while thinking that I didn't have to go to work on Monday! And seeing two octopuses was a hit also. And two Leaf Fish and one Devil Scorpion Fish. Here are some pix.
 While swimming, I always pop up to see if anyone is coming in my direction; many first time snorkelers make mistakes and bump into other swimmers.  When I looked up and over, I saw some fins..which I realized were SEAL fins! So since they were too far away to get a quick photo, I swam away. And then later saw that they had headed for the beach and were lounging.

Rock Mover Wrasse. Very bendy. This fish picks up enormous rocks and throws them aside, looking for tempting treats underneath.
Four Moorish idols and an Achilles Tang. 

Pokey urchin. Doesn't it look like a spider, almost?!
Young Barred File Fish. The older ones have the bars, but the younger ones just have the white spots. 

A cute goby sat there and let me take his photo.
Male Trunk Fish.

Brighteye Chromis. There were a gazillion of these little guys and their littler siblings zipping around. So adorable and about the same size as my little fingernail.
Christmas Wrasse.
This is the place where the kiddie pond and the deeper water get together. The waves come from both sides, so they mash each other in the middle. This is the place on the way to the island, so anyone walking along there (and many do..God knows why!), they have to fight conflicting waves, but also the rip, which goes along the beach.
See the Peacock Flounder? Great camouflage, non?

We listened to a dive show the other day that insisted on calling groups of fish SWARMS. Schools, maybe... These are blue spined Unicorn Fish.
Octopus #1.
They can change colors instantaneously. Very cool.
This one stayed quite contentedly in its den.

He'e #2. I know it's a bit blurry, but I wanted you to see the siphon and its eye.

One of the Leaf Fishes.

Christmas Wrasse harassing a Snowflake Moray.
Pencil Urchin mashed in between two rocks.
Pinktail Durgon. Note the raised spike on its head. I have heard that if in a hole, it can raise the spike in order to keep itself from being pulled out.
Devil Scorpion Fish. It never moved, so you can't see the orange and yellow on its side fins.

This Snowflake Moray was trying to hide. Without much success.
I'm told that if you pull these strings, the animal will pull back. I am not into touching things underwater, except the occasional shell, so I don't know if this is true.
 A very nice swim. Perhaps I'll have another on Monday and another on Tuesday, just because I can!

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