Monday, November 13, 2017

A nice end to the weekend

I always want to swim longer on Sunday, as it's usually the final day I get to swim before starting the work week. But there were too many people in the pond! I started later because of church. So after only 2 hours in the water, I got out. But I did see lots of cool stuff: octopuses, seals, rock movers and a starfish!

 The moon.
 Palm trees and clouds....i think it's very majestic. and so huge!

Oh yeah, they were snoozing. already the ropes to protect them were up, so they snoozed in peace.
 This is the starfish! I think it's a Fisher's star fish, but they are very similar in my i.d. book, so don't quote me. And I only saw this one because someone else was taking a photo and I swam over to see what they had. And voila!
 A fully out octopus. I have my suspicions: see how its arm is going under the rock? They is one of the ways they mate...I didn't see a 2nd octopus, but there may have been one hidden underneath. Also, this one didn't change color or draw away when I swam down, so I think it had other things on its mind..if you know what I mean.

Below, another octopus. This one was already dark brown when I found it. 
 And then it swam away.
Because the two rock mover wrasses were bothering it. See it here, on the coral?
 Same octopus and fish, just pestering the poor octopus.
Finally, it came to rest. And that's when I remembered there was a spear fisherman in the water, so I swam away, so as to not draw attention to the octopus. 

 This Brighteye Damsel was quick, but I still caught a photo.

I'm not sure why these two Rock Mover Wrasses were feisty, but they were going mouth-to-mouth.
 There's a tiny Trunk Fish in the left/center of this photo. So cute.
 Juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse. Same type of fish as above, but with the "antlers" and other weed-like strings.  They do fly about in the water, just as if they were algae, blown around by the current.

Shell with hermit crab inside, I'd bet. I can tell because it moves in a jerky way, not smoothly as it would if inhabited by the original animal.

Yes, there's an octopus...this one was very well ensconced in its den, out near the wave break. You can see its eye, just above the white patch.
 Well hidden eel. Never did see its face or tail.

Two of my fave fishes: the Ambon puffer and the Christmas Wrasse. Unusual to see them in the same frame.
 More clouds. Gotta love 'em.

So a total of 5 octopuses and many other cool creations. And now, on to work!

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