Sunday, August 20, 2017

Take a look at your pinky finger....

OK, stop reading for a second and take a look at your pinky finger.  See how small the nail is?
This Drupe shell was smaller than my pinky finger nail! Oh, so cute and also tiny. And now that I'm looking more carefully, it might be a small basket shell...

Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse with no customers...
Octopus 1. look for the white circle and then the eye. Hiding well, eh?

Octopus 2. Again, look for the white circle, the siphon. And def hiding well.

Lizard fish. I didn't see the little guy when I dove down to pick up some glass and he shot away from my hand like a cannon!

Cone shell, halfway buried. (And probably alive.)

The Juvenile Yellow Tail Coris.  Yeah, currently not yellow.  But tiny! probably half the size of my pinky. And definitely those white spots on the red skin..
Moorish Idol

 Cowry shell hiding in a crevice.
The cutest Picasso Trigger Fish. Again, maybe 2 inches long, including the tail.  Very adorable.

And yes, fish can also give stink eye...

Brighteye Damsel wondering what I'm doing....Their eyes ARE really bright!

 This was the day of TINY.  This is a very small Raccoon Butterfly fish.
Regular size female trunk fish.

So today's dive was only an hour and a half.  The 3 hours yesterday pooped me out! But a nice day. And two octopuses.  It's so good! My camera acted up on the dive, but when I got it home, it was behaving again. Thank God! It's my fave! And they don't make 'em anymore...

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