Saturday, August 12, 2017

Seals were frolicking!

Seals were at first sleeping, then frolicking at Poipu Beach today. What fun.

The little dears!

Believe it or not, this is known as the octopus tree.  Not sure why because the pink spears are more numerous than eight...
The little fellow above is the white cheeked tang. I will keep working to get a great shot, but please don't hold your breath. They are quick and often dart underneath a rocky overhang. As this one did.

Trunk or box fish. The male.
 This is the adult Yellow Tailed Coris.  And at the top, a snippet of the white cheeked tang.

To the left is the adult Rock Mover Wrasse and below, the juvenile.
And hiding in between two rocks, my one and only octopus of the day. 
Thanks, God!
It occurred to me to put in a photo of my current fins.  The left blue one broke, so I got a new pair, but I still like the blue ones more....hence, the combo. I'll bet I look kinda weird. But the way I swim is weird too, I've been told, so it's only fitting...

 A little Snowflake Moray that was trying to get something inside the rocky crevices.

Lizard Fish. This one was above the rocks, unlike last week's fish..
Sea Urchin.  I was surprised to note not long ago that they have two kinds of spines: thicker and really thin, like a pin. You can see both here.  In any case, try not to step on them! you will not be happy if you do.
The Leaf Fish
 I would bet this is the same one I've seen in the recent past, as it is hanging out in the same area as last time. See how it leans between rocks on its fins?
 If you click on the photo, you can see its red eyes.  Its general demeanor is very scorpion-fish-like...hiding and awaiting prey.

Another chance to see the eye. This fish does wave back and forth in the current, just as a real leaf would..
And now for some land lubber shots:

The painter God hired does great work.

Way too beautiful.

 As is this lovely plant, on our morning walk.

Sure enjoyed the swim and the animals. Hopefully, I'll see some good ones again tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

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