Sunday, November 13, 2022

I spotted the Station!

 Not sure if I mentioned, but one can go to the international space station website ( and it tells you when the ISS will be visible in your area. Before you get too excited, the sighting is usually just 4 or 5 minutes, but I was able to spot it tonight. It just appears, moves quickly, then disappears! Very cool. 

The Moon was really big in the sky. The light below it is the streetlight. ha. and a star above.

Moon through cloud and a star to the left.

I liked this one too. Oh heck, I like 'em all!

Clouds moved away.

A pair of Nene geese.
They will tell you if you are in their way.

This plant really wanted to live.
I think there was a fire causing this "cloud", but never heard details.
I caught the plane taking off on base. That day's walk was 8.34 miles. I was very tired after that.

They are pretty birds. And sometimes aggressive, especially if the nest is nearby.

Mars, I think.

These photos showed the Moon undergoing the eclipse. My camera isn't really zoned for this, but not bad anyway.

Two dogs and a pig. Sounds like a good story, huh?

Here is the little puppy I wish was mine....she shows her belly for a scratch. She has a scary tendency to walk under the truck and get her leash caught in the tire. I have lifted her out a few times already.

There were a pair of Frigate birds flying over. This usually means a storm at sea, but I didn't see anything resembling that.

2 Saffron finches. Such lovely yellow birds.
Moon eclipsing. 

Doesn't the Moon look like it has rings?

If only could have a dog.

God's rays

Odd rays below.

Garden art
I hope to have papaya sometime soon. Not sure their season.
Another pig; this one down in the valley near a house.

Hallowe'en wasted pumpkins.

This is, I think, the Mom of the puppy. She was resting in the driveway near the pup's house.
God's rays, orange variation.
I don't know who this lady or man are, but they have a way with orchids!

I like to think I caught meteors in these shots, but definitely surprising if so.
Thanks for reading. Get out there and spot the stars and planets and meteors!

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