Monday, October 31, 2022

Getting cooler!


I am told that these dolphins frolic every morning. This is the first time I have seen them on base. The white on the left is the end of one of them jumping out and spinning in the air. Just having fun!
A different kind of fun: putting witch hats on the tree. Halloween isn't my holiday, but we will be giving out candy to any and all who come by...even just so we don't eat all those mini chocolate bars ourselves!
They seem so quiet don't then? HA. No, they were barking up a storm. Guess it's good this blog doesn't have sound.

I loved this wisp of cloud above the main cloud.

I found these chew bars for the little puppy. And yes, I gave them to the owner, so she could choose where/when/if to give one to the pup.
I know this will shock you, but sometimes I am loath to look up plants! This one had the orange seeds hidden inside. The surrounding material is very thick and tough to open.

You can barely see the fins of the dolphins.

I did get rid of one rainbow picture. It was hard to choose.

I caught this hen just after she got up to run away; just previous to this shot, she had been sitting on all the peeps, covering them with her feathers.
God's rays

Tiny gecko on the puzzle table. A few minutes later, he was peering over the edge: how to get down?!
This is the sweet puppy for whom I bought the Moo Taffy. She is so cute: when she greets you, she immediately goes to her back, allowing tummy scratch. I am trying not to get too attached: after all, she's not my dog. Have a great and safe 10/31.

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