Sunday, May 15, 2022

Hoping to see Blood Moon

 Because of cloud cover, it has been difficult to see some of the amazing astronomic events, such as the recent meteor showers. But I am hopeful that I will be able to see the Blood Moon tonight!

One would think that since we've been having some rain, that the little flowers in the Bromeliads would be more prevalent. But this is the first I've seen recently.

I have enjoyed seeing the small roses' return. And no barking dogs at the house next door!

Pink Hibiscus

These three irises (I think) were in the same yard.

These cactus seem to be wearing a little brown hat. Cute.

I am told that Lantana have mosquito repelling properties. I must buy some.
A lizard, frozen in time.

The man who owns this plant was kind enough to give me some little starters. We will see how I do in keeping them blooming and alive.

This is the hens and chickens cactus I have been searching for. The blooms are prolific.

Here is a shot of the ones he gave me. C'mon, little guys!

Big purple orchids with the morning light on them.

Lilikoi in a group
An odd cactus
Maybe violets. I thought them quite pretty.

The valley at the top of my toughest hill. I always have a feeling of accomplishment when I make it to the top.
I thought I was gonna croak when I saw this cute dog and his booties. He had just lost a doggo friend in the past week, but seemed to be going on just fine.

It's a toss-up of which Plumeria I like the most. The yellow ones seem to have a bigger scent.
Bunny relaxing.

Hole in the sky.

More little Bromeliad flowers.
Corgi slowed down enough to pose for me.
Another hole in the sky.

Water drops on the Plumeria at the park. 

Rainbow in the distance. Well, I guess they always are in the distance. ha.

I am glad for the Microscope feature on my Olympus TG-4 camera.

Palm trees for you, babe!

God's rays

Huzzah! The Magnolia appears to be starting its big bloom.

A view of ocean, town and the Arizona Memorial.

Don't know its name. Do like the colors.

Sunshine on the Plumeria. I love the shadows.
Have a great week. It seems we have several folks with medical issues, so I am praying for them all. Join me?

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  1. A tin lizard and a corgi at rest (momentarily)! Very nice.