Sunday, May 22, 2022

Clouds, ah clouds!

Did not get to see the Blood Moon...too many clouds.  Celestial viewings dimmed lately.

But I did get to see pretty flowers and cool doggos. I did get rained on one day: totally soaked! You see, sometimes I am stubborn (sorry, God!) and refuse to carry the umbrella. It gets in my way, you see....

There is ocean back there, but covered by cloud and rain.
Oh, the pretty flowers are back. Indulge me, please.

Bee hard at work. They get little pollen balls on their legs. A nice way to carry the load.

Mr. Lizard stopped before running away. After all, I am quite a bit larger than they are. I can see how they could be a bit nervous.

I never tire of seeing roses in all their wonderful colors and shapes.

I found a llama at the grocery store. It even came with the plant, which is doing well so far, thank God.
Cactus doing well, too. This one was a "found" cactus and has grown a lot since planted.
I am hopeful for the peppermint plant to dispel mosquitoes.
One of my orchids and the Hens and Chickens cactus that was a gift.
Hens and Chickens again and my Kalanchoe plant. (The ch is said like K. or so I'm told.)
This wonderful surprise of Chinese Cilantro is growing from the root of the plant I bought in the store so I could make Chimichurri sauce.
Moon. No longer bloody.

Palm trees and clouds and rays. You have the whole enchilada in this photo.

A non-green succulent that I will investigate.
Another lizard. Yeeha.
Finally got to see Pupsie again. It is a Coton de Tulear dog. Very silky soft coat. And loves to stop for a pat.

Hibiscus in nice configuration and color.

A bunch of palm trees this week.

It is hard to pick which to include in the post, so today, I did include most of them for my sweetheart.

I love the fringe on this orchid.
I also bought some Lavender, as that is supposedly a mosquito deterrent too.

I don't see many Schnauzers, but this was a nice one.
An intriguing cactus. Looks hairy, eh?
This plant really wanted to live. It came up from a manhole cover.

I haven't seen the owner of this pup lately. Hope he is ok.
This isn't the Lantana plant I purchased, but it is pretty. Also anti-mosquito.

Crown of Thorns plant. Yeah look at those thorns.
Hole in the sky

I was tempted to try to harvest some mangoes, but far....

A little waterfall. Look at how the rocks have eroded below it.
This was the day of the rain dump. It rained so hard and long, it actually washed the hand lotion off my legs. 

The top of Akaaka street

The hills on the other side completely disappeared in the fog.

I do not know what fruit this is. If you do, please advise.

I had to crop this pretty rose, as there were bugs on the upper half. No one wants to see that.

The pods and how they appear when opened.

A flowery week. So far, my garden is mostly behaving. Have a great week.

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