Sunday, January 16, 2022

Hold On! Help is on the way


Apparently, Christmas isn't over yet!

I'm not sure why one dog got the jacket and the other didn't!

Arizona Memorial from Akaaka street
The mornings are pink.

He paused in his barking.
More caterpillars. The Crown Flower plant has recovered. Note the green poop.

Seeds ready to be blown away.

Is it only me that think clouds are incredible?

God's rays

Butterfly drying out on top of the Crown Flower plant.
More of God's rays

My friend let me take this from her backyard.

Hard to tell, but these are Saffron Finches on rooftop.

Stay healthy. If you aren't vaccinated, please get it done. Two co-workers turned up with covid, so glad hubby is vaccinated.

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