Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy and Healthy New Year!

It's hard to believe we are starting a new year. Time passes so quickly.

I am thinking of doing a Best of 2021...we'll see! I'm thinking there would be flowers, clouds, rainbows and dogs. ha.

Double rainbow. LOVE seeing these!
This dog looked almost familiar: it is a German Shorthaired Pointer and Catahoula mix! I had the former as a child. The body looks very like our dog, but the color not so much. Nice dog, though. No barking: always a fan favorite.
The Heineken Christmas Tree. I have seen this now for 2 years. Can't imagine how long it takes to create!
Flower that is delicate. Very nice.
Clouds and palm trees. Ahhhhh.

Of course, things will go better if pigs are dancing and singing. I will miss the Christmas deco.
God's rays

I could never think up clouds: Let's see. We shall make delicate white, gray, and all the shades in between with different layers and shapes. Let's have them store rain for a while, then let it loose! And let's have one layer speed by, leaving the other behind. Oh and when we need a rainbow, let's put one in the clouds, so it can be seen easily.

Bromeliad flowers. The one on the left looks a lot like the back of a cowry shell.

Echeverria with water droplets

Snoopy as Santa. These do make me smile.
I think this is the patch for a sinkhole. We had one this past week. We were without water for about 7 hours. It amazes me how much we depend on just going to that tap! But the Goodyear tire people were kind enough to fill one of my plastic water holders. Thank you, Goodyear!
Hens and Chickens succulents. They do put out a cool white flower occasionally.
Nice rose among the mystery flowers.

Just another day beginning at Waiau. I am still impressed by the light show.

You can't make this stuff up! Well, unless you are God.

What is one of the last of the cocoons. I'm not sure if the caterpillars are just done, or if they stopped because they ate all the leaves.

I am trying to figure out the name of this succulent, so I can buy one.

Roses from Clyde and Wanda's garden. Thanks, kids!

From a nearby corner garden. This poor man tried several other plants to get this space going, but they all failed. I'm thinking he should try succulents!

This is a dangerous intersection near the farmer's market on Tuesday mornings. There are signs about people crossing which the cars just breeze past....I'm hoping there will be a kind response to my letter about the situation.

The half Moon

I don't think of Flamingoes as particularly Christmas-y, but I did laugh at this duo. Perhaps laughing with, not at!

Christmas cactus

The Owl stood about a foot and a half high.
Crazy Christmas animals. A delight. 

Normally, I see the purple type of little orchids.
Crown of Thorns flowers around a succulent.

Water drops on roses

Another rainbow

Water lily

Mickey and Minnie still dancing.
Moon and I think stars. The camera is limited with celestial objects, but I thought this one was interesting. And since I'm hearing rain outside my window, there probably won't be any Moon pix today on my walk. But I am totally willing to be wrong.
This snail was huge. The shell maybe 2.5 inches. 
More palm trees for my sweetheart.
Mushrooms in the park
Long may she wave.

I am tempted to call this old lady bark. Not that I'm sensitive about my age or anything.
Rain over the ocean
Christmas balls hung on the tree outside. Love the design.

As I took this photo, 2 little girls and their Dad walked by on the other side of the street. I told them to be brilliant in school. The little one waved and said: "OK!!" She's probably the next Golda Meir or Mary Cassatt.
This one was probably 7 feet tall. Quite impressive.
You can barely see his nose, but this poor hound still managed to bark from his garage prison. 

The White Rumped Shama awaiting bugs.
My sister-in-law gave us this cool squid Christmas ornament. So cute. And my talented cousin contributed the needlepoint Santa. Both very excellent ornaments. Thanks, ladies!

We are very happy with our little tree this year. I mention this because it's going away today. Sad.
But the majestic clouds are still with us.

One could almost think these are waves crashing on the shore.

Rain out near the foothills to the west.

One would almost think I'm obsessed with God's rays and clouds.

I saw one like this online. And no, I do not pick or eat wild mushrooms. It did make me pick some up at the store, though. The Hubster doesn't enjoy them, so I do to make up for the lack.

A very nice pitbull. He was quite quiet and a very nice dog.

I managed to catch a few raindrops in this photo at the top of Hapaki. It's not the steepest hill, but does give a nice workout.

I do hope your new year is filled with good health and joy. Love each other!

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