Sunday, August 29, 2021

Turkish plates

I am currently doing a Turkish plates puzzle. I thought it would be easy...NOT! Since the colors are distinctive, my thought was that this would be a breeze.  But 1000 pieces later, I am schooled.

I am enjoying the challenge, however.

Thankful for rainbows!
And God's rays
Cobblestones for Lisa
Huskies from Alaska!
Shiba Inu...Tiny. A very chill dog and willing to put up with me scratching his ears.

Is that white rain?!
Two Saffron Finch ready for a picnic

Long's Drugs has a very cool towel: to take sweat away, but also to cool the neck. YAY.

Enjoy. Please pray, if you do, for my biopsies on 9/9....I had a word today that all will be alright. Thank you Jesus!

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