Sunday, August 15, 2021

Meteors and plants and clouds

 A friend asked if I've seen octopuses lately: no! Sadly, the waves at my usual spot are not behaving and I'm too lazy to drive to the north shore.

More "holes in the sky"

God's rays

Pickle? Gosh what I don't know is so big.
I do recognize smiling dogs, though.

Dobie not smiling...

Lizard showing off its masculinity.

And being King of the Hill.

A fellow walker pointed out this tree from Brazil: the fruit grows on the trunk and branches!!

Cute little pineapple

Neat rainbow, with light and clouds.

Magnolia blossom

I have been seeing Kolea again! I had to tell this one to get out of the street!

Can you see the bit of rainbow? Sometimes they are faint. 

I had the fun of online church this morning. A church I once attended has services that way, as well as in person. There's not a lot to like about Covid (please get vaccinated if you aren't) but being able to have church from home is a pleasure.  No traffic, no dressing up. Especially since the message was great and given by an old friend, who once was a missionary. Covid has changed all that too. Thank God for nice breezes, too. And a bit of rain to cool me off. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable week.

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