Monday, July 5, 2021

Surprised by rain

Third day in a row, surprised by rain as I woke up. Isn't it summer?!

I was going to call this the Dog section, but so many other animals popped up.

It was an odd pairing in my mind, but these two dogs were quietly impressive: Doberman and Whippet! I would never put those 2 together, but it seems good.
Saffron Finch and 2 young 'uns. See the 3rd bird near the plant on the left? The immature ones haven't received their full yellow coat and Saffron face yet.
The bunny hopped over to see me. Sadly, I don't carry treats for it. My thinking is that I don't know what is really good for it. If anything happened on my watch, I'd be sad.

Here is the local Border Collie! He is a service dog, visiting people in the hospital. He is growing into his adult shape. The owner put him in the car while depositing his complicated leash in the trunk and he sat in the driver's seat. Cute.
Saffron Finches and oranges

These Monarch caterpillars really take huge bites out of the leaves of this Crown Flower plant.

Bitter Melon with flower. It's the first time I've seen the little white flower.

I keep missing this flower, I think a night-blooming cereus. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It's similar to the fuchsia ones below.
I would love to have these Papaya. Love green Papaya salad.

Homeowners protect the fruit with a bag sometimes. I have seen birds trying to eat fruits.

Another version of the Mother of Thousands.

Orchids have so many varieties and colors.

Cute puppy. He wanted a pat, but was behind the fence of bushes.
One of our local politicians. I'm glad he put these up. People are really speeding more during this pandemic.

More succulents

I had seen a cactus like this one online. A band around the top has flowers during part of the year.

God's rays

This is how the ocean tortures me: showing off even from far away.

I wondered if the cactus they took out would leave babies and it did! These 2 pieces were growing from the ground where the big cactus was.

Again, covering the fruit/flower.

This Haworthia is a new addition to my little lanai garden. The leaves look puffy. I guess they are filled with water, but not sure. I don't want to poke 'em to find out.

I also purchased one of these red plants. So far, the leaves are still green. I'm told they turn red under the impact of the sun. We'll see.
Magnolia. One of the biggest flowers I run into on my walks.

I do not know why these pineapples are red, but I thought them pretty.
And a barrel cactus. I hope mine lasts long enough to get big.

A barely there rainbow

More of God's rays

Two helo flying over. I always pray for their safety.

Our flag on the 4th.

Had fun in my walks this week. Lots of good scenery. And dogs behaving. Have a great week!

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