Sunday, July 11, 2021

Just a little rain

I thought I'd start out with God's rays and pretty clouds.

The rain they brought did cool me off!

Nice designs. Looks like a feather pen. Of course, you need to have the picture in life size to really get the effect.
And no rain, no rainbows. So I'm also glad for the rain for the rainbow reason.

I passed by my front door and saw this one. Nice!
This little guy was a combo of Jack Russell Terrier and a Maltese. Alex called it a Jacktese. HA.
Yeah, somehow the little ones always want to bark! With the exception of the Jacktese. Good boy!
Lizard posing.
Bunny taking a break. I do love it when they twinkle their whiskers.
It's funny how sometimes one dog of a pair will be barky and the other one not. I like the not ones.

I was surprised to discover that this orchid, which I have photographed before, is a fake! I noted this from the green pods below the plant. Definitely plastic. This one is next to two real orchids. I guess you get your orchid views however you can. I should have known, as it lasted a long time.
I asked myself why I took this picture, as none of the flowers were particularly interesting. Then I remembered: lizard on the stem!

Dragonfruit. I think. We decided it was not our favorite fruit. (We tried one that Alex's co-workers gave him. The rest went to the lady who cleans at our place. She was happy, we were happy, it worked out!)

Protecting the fruit.

Star fruit. These apparently have enough waxy cover that they don't need a protective bag.


This is the view from the top of Akaaka Street. I take it as proof that I made the top of the hill...not an easy walk, either.
These lovely roses were silk. Three of them strewn on the ground. Not sure why.
Another entry in the I Wanna Live category. I guess there's more dirt than I would imagine.
Haha. One of the ladies whose husband does the marvelous roses loves gnomes. And a Santa. It's never too early to celebrate Christmas.

I am in favor of flags and USA artwork. You can't have a sausage without USA!
I have noted many people speeding up the hills. I was glad to see Sam Kong coming out to remind people not to speed. So if in your area there are people who are taking advantage of the lesser traffic to speed, give 'em the slow down sign!

And thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week.

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