Sunday, June 13, 2021

June is flying by

I am amazed at how fast the months are flying by. I miss swimming, but I love the flowers I see.

Forgive me if there are too many photos. It's just hard to leave any out. Above, I finally looked this one up: Desert Rose. They are quite plentiful in gardens around our area, so they must be possibly easy to grow or just so pretty.
I have a favorite house to walk to. It's just intriguing for some reason. And yesterday, I found this lovely flower on their tree. I do believe it's a Magnolia. Well, we are South!
Plumeria, in all their lovely forms and colors.

And succulents and cactus. I recently bought some, so it'll be interesting to see how they do in my little lanai garden.
Another version of the pretty fuchsia plant. It's a form of cactus. In this case, the flower hasn't bloomed quite yet.

A huge squash, we decided.
No idea. Pretty, though.

Gardenia. Such a nice fragrance, too.

Pineapple and orchids.
I did speak with a farmer this week; he agreed that it can take at least a year to mature a pineapple!

Known as the octopus plant. It has more than 8 legs, though.
Caterpillars having their breakfast.  (I have a video of them chomping on youtube. Look for octopigirl7.)
These are caterpillars of the Monarch variety. Interesting that they have antenna on both ends, perhaps to fool predators.

Above is a seed pod from the plant shown below. 

The cactus, this one with yellow flowers.
Star fish plant flower. The pouch on the left is the flower before it opens.

Somebody better eat that yellow pineapple!
Cactus with its obvious protective spines.
More of the rare cactus, with the flower opened a bit.

The fuchsia ones are nearly done for now. I will watch to see if they bloom again.
Huge jabong, like a grapefruit.

Bitter melon. Never had 'em, but some folks love to eat them.
More Bitter Melon.


And mini roses.

Unfortunately, sometimes I cannot get close, as they are spread out in the yard.

Love mangoes!

Could the one above be an orchid?

Palm and a glorious display of seeds.

Above is the seed pod of the plant just above. The pod was on the ground, so I felt ok about opening it.

I think it's an air plant. A local homeowner offered me one, but I told her I want to ensure I can keep the plants I already have alive, first. 

Water lilies.

This succulent has the most amazing flowers. You can see one above and to the right, just not open yet.
The helicopter weed with bee.

By the way, it is not cool to cut flowers in others' yards! My friend on Kauai had the problem. In fact, some fool actually broke a branch off! And ran away.

I have seen many of these small orchids. They always seem to be yellow. Is there no variety of color?!
Another fuchsia plant, but on a different type of leaf.
Seeds and berries.
Orchids. So many varieties of shape and color.

This cactus already showed its blooms. But it had the other green part that is not the usual one I see.
Yes, I should look this one up. Cool design.
I think Begonia. It fell into the I WANT TO LIVE category, as it was growing out of lava rock.
Here's the flower on the succulents mentioned above. Again, I had the problem of it being in the middle of someone's yard, so I couldn't sneak up on it.

This is the succulent I want to identify.

More palms with seeds above. The seeds had fallen; there were many of them on the ground.

Now on to the cool dogs category. The two fluff balls below are Coton de Tulear. I was very surprised and happy to see them, having only done so at a dog show on t.v. Very nice breed: friendly and quiet, no yapping.

And here's Ollie. This is the dog that begs to be petted, but is behind a serious fence. It even has wire inside to keep him in. Or perhaps to keep my hands out. I had to leave, as he was trying to get petted by biting on the wire. Not good!

Of course, we can't leave out the bunny.

Or the barking Labrador.
They look so fluffy, don't they?
Saffron Finches
A Shetland Sheepdog. Very fluffy and puppy-ish...owner says he likes to chew on everything, like her shoelaces! We discussed Velcro and slip on shoes.

And for my sweetie, lizard on top of a rock.

Shiba Inu. The owner said the dog is nice and quiet, unless someone invades their yard!

Clouds and Rainbows:

Helicopter in the clouds. The hardest problem I have in taking pix is keeping the light fixture standards out of the photo!
I can usually see at least a bit of ocean. Makes me wish I were swimming.

This rainbow was in parts, during some of the photo taking. Hard to get just the correct angle.

Have a great Sunday. Take a break. Have a rest. Enjoy!

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