Sunday, June 20, 2021

Flowers and pups

 I again had the privilege of seeing wonderful flowers and (some) non-barking dogs. All good.

This is Bailey. He is apparently friendly enough to walk without a leash. I'd be a little afraid to do that, as there can be aggressive dogs. I didn't pet him. Still working on that animal allergy.
Yes, NOT a dog. But a cute animal nonetheless.

These two pups were very well mannered and quiet. And apparently there was something going on that they wanted to investigate.
I felt badly for the Doberman. I didn't get close enough to see why he had the cone of silence on, but it actually did work: he normally barks when I walk by, but didn't in this case.
How cute is it that she had purple booties on her dogs?! And a matching halter/leash.

This interesting succulent is called Hedgehog cactus. The spear becomes a pretty whitish/yellow flower.
My new Kalanchoe. I have heard it gets more reddish edges when you place it in more direct sun.
And above, Magnolia. I love the look of this flower. It's quite big and very creamy white in appearance.
Called Mother of Thousands! Apparently, it doesn't propagate through seeds, but by dropping the little plantlets on its leaves. We'll see...this is in my lanai garden.
As is this very cute cactus. It's about 2 inches across, so just starting out. I'm hoping my previously bad gardening abilities will work out for succulents and cacti. My usual problem is overwatering, so I'm optimistically leaving them until the top soil dries out. That's what the book told me to do.

One of my orchids decided to bloom again. I'm amazed at how many varieties there are.

A wreath of succulents!
More from the home garden.

I wish the pretty plant above were in my home garden. I think it's a Lotus and it lives in a pond. Which is one of the reasons I don't have any on my lanai.

This is the 2nd bloom of these amazing orchids. So big and colorful.
Succulents from another person's garden.

Amazing plant and flowers.

This is the yellow version of the cactus I have seen with the pretty fuchsia flowers.

Seed pods on the Crown flower plant.
And the star fish flower, already tiring. Another pod is waiting to open (bottom left and below.)

Water under the effect of surface tension.

This is a form of Crassula. I'm working on figuring out where to get 'em.

A pair of lizards waiting to cross the river.

Mini rose
I'm told this is Oregano and its bloom.

This is shot from the top of Akaaka street. A good hike! Hilly and a workout.
Enjoy your Sunday.

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