Monday, March 15, 2021

Lovely sunny day!

 We are getting a respite from the recent downpours. Glad of it! Since I am still on my temp crown, however, I do not get to visit the octopuses yet. Here's hoping that by the end of the month, I'll be able to see octopuses again. Until then, flowers and clouds.

Found out why I haven't been seeing lizards: too cold and too early! I started my walk later one day this week and the little guys were out in droves.

I thought of doing a separate post called PINK, but decided to mash them in with the regular post. So pretty.

I chuckle whenever I see these guys. So cute with their raincoats!

Either preening or feeding each other. Perhaps just chatting...
Bunny appeared interested. 

Cool art stones on a corner lot. 
Bunny stayed with me, until a little girl with lettuce arrived. Then I was just dust.
Bunny with the little girl and the lettuce.

Apparently, a big dog was making trouble in the neighborhood.
This wasn't the big dog but this one certainly defended his territory with aggressive barking. Unusual coloration for a Dobie.

I couldn't touch these, so not sure if they are real or candy eggs for Easter. They looked real, but I'm no expert.
While waiting for the hubster to finish his drivers license appointment, I found an octo-puzzle in a nearby store. So cute. And quick to assemble.

A Pekinese and Spitz cross: Pekispitz?! (It was kinda barky too, so I def saw the spitz part.)

A recently completed puzzle. We are working on one of Chenonceau now, but I must work on taxes first. Yeah, guess which is more fun?!

The marine slugs are much prettier.

The amazing variations, especially orchids and roses, still amazes me!

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