Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Different Week

This was certainly a different week: my purse, clean clothes and grocery cart were stolen from the trunk of my car while I was on my walk!

Yeah. But I did meet 3 nice HPD officers who came over to take my report. And I spent too much time online to report to the credit card companies. And I finally went personally to the bank to report the bankcard theft. They got the cash in my purse. Glad I had my phone and keys on me! Then they spent $100 on gas. Which I will dispute: our cars won't even hold that much gas! Lesson learned: don't leave important stuff in your car. Hubster had a good idea too: if you must have your cards, put them on you, like in your bright pink safety vest while walking. Good plan. Thanks, babe!

But on to the fun stuff: dogs and flowers!

Isn't this little French Bulldog cute?! His name is Mars. I couldn't pet him due to my allergies. He looked longingly at me, like "Why won't you pet me???" So adorable. And very well mannered: he didn't bark at all. The owner said he is defensive while at home, but out on walks, not so much. It was really hard not to give him a soft pat.

The pineapples, all of 12 of them!, are doing well.
The lady whose husband does all the lovely roses put this in their garden. Very cute. I did find a cute sympathy card while on line for my vaccination: You need a hedge-hug! And then a drawing of a hedgehog. People are very creative.
Rainbow. No rain, no rainbows! I still picture Jesus talking with God about creating rainbows. I enjoy them not simply for their beauty, but also the promise God made on never flooding the entire world again, killing off almost everyone. I do appreciate that. 
Two Saffron Finches out for breakfast.
I don't care who you are: that's a lovely morning sky!

Water droplets adhering to a small pink blossom.
Corn on the cob!

Unknown pretty flowers.
Chili peppers. Green and red, ready for Christmas.

The old and the new. I was able to get these photos, even with the loud yappers in the yard next door! Seems as if small dogs feel they have more to prove....

These succulents are neverendingly interesting to me. Perhaps I should look up their names...
More cuteness from the garden.

Another pineapple in a different yard. They are so cute when small.

This Kolea, aka Golden Plover, is just starting to show his breeding tuxedo.
This was a new flower for me. And I guess perhaps the wind blew the pollen off onto the petals.

These pink flowers are some of my faves.

More water lilies from nicely appointed water features.
Light does make a difference.

This big protuberance was just below the small bananas.

Lizard for my sweetheart.
Saffron Finch for me!

Have a great week. Stay safe. Don't keep important stuff in your car. And I praise God for no injuries and safe vaccination #1 shot. Wear your masks. And that's all I've got for now. Thanks for reading!

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