Sunday, December 13, 2020

I got to pat the Poodle!!!

 I saw the nice lady and her poodle today. Prince. He was princely!

And since I'm allergic, I had heard that poodles are hypo-allergenic. She said her dog was part Lab, they thought. Hmmmm.. I wasn't sure if the Lab part would make me sneeze or turn red. But neither happened! I was able to pat him a couple of times. He was bored, but I was excited.

Prince is a standard poodle, so larger than others you might see. Very  nice dog. And good to know I can pat 'em! Now, mind you, I can't have a dog right now because of our rental rules, but good to know I could possibly one day have a dog. Well, that would need to be a discussion between me and my sweetheart! (And not a deal breaker.)

Christmas Llama
Rose and Hibiscus


Early in the morning, I often get to catch the flowers after they've been watered.

Saffron Finch posing prettily!

Sunrise clouds. Darn buildings get in the way!

Kolea. I call them the Tippy Toe birds...that's how they walk away...brrrt! then stop. Repeat.
As Jamie Oliver would say: "C'mon!!!" So pretty.

I enjoy manger scenes, even if they are plastic.
Clouds with sunrise pink.

I have a hard time catching these in one photo..the pink part is so tall!
Yellow cactus
This kitty was very friendly, but I wasn't able to pat him. He seemed surprised.
Flamingo with Christmas tinsel.

Cobblestones for Lisa!
God's rays

Lotus for Julie
Monarch butterfly

How often are we able to see a purple Rhino? Especially with a scarf. Must be French.

I have walked past this yard many times before, but missed how many plants there are! 

Creamy white

Joy abounds

Bow on mailbox

The Saffron Finch flew up and away.

Sidewalk Saffron
Succulents have so many varieties!

Enjoy your holiday. I may post again...birthday next week!
And thank you for reading. Be kind to someone today.

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