Monday, December 21, 2020

Awaiting Christmas

 We have friends on the mainland who are dealing with a huge snow dump. So glad we live in Hawaii!

Be sure to look for the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter tonight! Just after sundown, I'm told. Don't miss it! You'll have to wait 800 years for the next one. No pressure.

I do apologize for the many photos. But what can one do when there's so much beautiful subject matter?!
Like Lotus blooms. I do wish I could get closer, but one cannot enter someone else's yard! Especially when it's pretty early in the morning.
This is for my spouse: this could be the closest we get to a 65 inch t.v., babe!
So many flowers. So pretty. So pink.

People do get creative with their Christmas deco!

And God gets creative with the clouds.

I love seeing flags put up. Ours is on our door.

There's a lot of debate among Christian scholars: how many wise men were there, really? After all, there were reportedly 3 gifts, but there could have been some who came without a gift.
More pretty Christmas deco.

Very pretty. It's interesting to me that they have yellow berries. I guess I'm too monochromatic in my thinking.

Plumeria about to open.

My new safety vest. I asked a lady on my walk if she could see me from far off; she replied that I was very bright. Ha.

Succulent with new parts...maybe babies? I love that they grown along the edge of existing leaves.
Fuchsia mystery for the week.


And pretty clouds 

The hardest part of the cloud photo below was getting telephone poles out of the photo!

A double rainbow. Rainbow is "arc-en-ciel" in French. Ciel being sky...
A duck decoy

I like the bit of yellow at the base of these roses' petals. They have a really nice fragrance, too!
Mystery #2

Mystery #3

A bud!

Two of our Christmas trees: tiny but mighty. 
We look for sets of liquor at Christmas time...we found Bulleit, but with mugs! 

Nice Christmas cards. Love the Hawaiian shirt ones!
Chock full of goodness: snow people, Eiffel Tower ornament and my favorite Cross. And of course, Hello Kitty!

You may correctly wonder why I took a photo of our turkey. It's because what could have cost $27.86 actually cost only $4ish dollars! There was a special at Foodland. I had 2 certificates. When combined for a turkey purchase, the turkey is only 39 cents per pound. Plus it was Seniors day!
My favorite manger scene, from Israel. And no, I didn't get to go, but was able to find online.

Shy bunny, hiding his eyes.

Our Christmas tree ornament, showing us from our wedding.

Another beer bottle Christmas tree!

I call this one fecund, as there are so many berries/seeds on these trees! Here are your palm trees, babe!

The tree lets you know how massive the clouds are.

A very nice lady's husband makes these mailboxes. Here's the pickup truck with Christmas trees.

While getting gas, saw the rainbow.

See the kitty?

I saw this tall tree and thought: they could cut the top off for a Christmas tree. Not practical, but a nice image.


This is the very well behaved Shiba Inu, Kenji. I REALLY wanted to pat this dog, especially when he stopped to look up at me....awwww. Allergies are the pits!

I wouldn't pat this one, even if I could. But it was amazingly well behaved, didn't bark at me at all. But it did follow me from behind the fence.

I watched the butterfly for about 5 minutes, waiting for it to flap its wings again. When it did, though, it flew quickly off.

Nice flowers. I'm very fortunate. Thanks for reading and viewing! And have a safe and happy holiday!

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