Friday, October 16, 2020

Trying to ignore the noise of groundskeeping

 My husband can attest that it makes me mostly bonkers when the leaf blowers or weedwackers get going. I hate that noise!

Especially since it seems so strange: why grow stuff when you only then have to cut it and blow the leaves away? Or am I wrong? (I'll bet you know what answer I hope you give to those questions....)

So I'm writing a post now instead of Sunday, with my earphones in, to help me ignore the noise. It's helping to listen, as I type, to Diana Krall's latest album, This Dream of You. I find her voice very relaxing. And besides, much to my surprise, she has a Bob Dylan song on this album. Even more surprising, I hadn't heard the song by Bob prior to Diana's version. There's a chance my husband's preferences are impacting me. He hates Dylan. Of course, he's younger and may not have the same musician's love of angst.  Although you could really hardly call me a musician anymore, as I don't sing in any church choir these days, nor do I any longer own a guitar! Arthritis is a detriment to so many things.

All that to say: here are some of the pretty flowers and clouds I've seen lately.

Maybe clouds are more noticeable here, since we often go days without dreary days. 

These new purple orchids were an amazing surprise. I think on my walks sometimes how nice it is that even though I re-tread streets I have trodden before, I still find new and pretty things.
Roses are not new. But they are beloved. So many layers.

The bromeliad flowers. I had to pick leaves out of the little cup to capture this photo. Watch out, too! The leaves really are as prickly as they appear.

Someone had a sense of Hallowe'en humor.

Another bromeliad with the original leaves still in the cup.

Fuzzy flowers still amuse me.

God's rays

Lantana. I'm proud of my research abilities in finding out what these are! 

For my pal, Julie

This week's mystery flowers.

Really nice 3 toned orchids. And then the small roses.

More of the purple orchids. These are BIG too. 

And these are small.

Radar from farther up on the hill.

The white rumped shama. They sit up on a fence or tree and swoop down to get bugs. They have a nice song, too.

This is turning into my favorite succulent.

Crown of Thorns. I'm glad I finally found this one's name. I see them all the time. Reminds me of Jesus' final days. Sad, but important.
With the elections coming up, and since I'm reading Ruth Bader Ginsberg's book, My Own Words, I'm conscious even more of how important it is to vote!
Hallowe'en hands around a tree trunk.

The wall is making progress.

God's rays on another day.
Have I mentioned the rose's layers?

Yay! The weedblower's noise has stopped. Time for lunch. Thanks for viewing my post.

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