Thursday, October 22, 2020

Barking and snarling

Now I know, for the most part, where the "bad" dogs are. I'm told they are only doing their job by barking and snarling, but I am happy they are all behind the fence! I have found also that once one starts, they all start up. Sometimes, they look at me strangely when I talk to them, telling them they are being bad dogs. Doesn't stop them barking, however!

In any case, my walks have been altered a little bit by a slight case of vertigo recently. I have found a ginger treatment for motion sickness that seems to help. But bending down to look into kitchen cabinets is a no-no!

So my walks have been modified to involve no big uphill movements. Who knew bending down to take a photo could have implications?!

Orchids of course feature in my pix.

And a bunny! I noted that the bunny was on one side of the yard, and the little dog on the other. The owner said she has to keep them separated: the dog wants to play with the bunny, but the bunny wants to scratch the dog. 
Amazing clouds. Not only are they pretty, but they keep some of the sun off my neck.

Hairy flowers
I'm not sure why, but these clouds looked like a bomb went off.
Pineapple. Did you know it can take up to 2 years to ripen on the "vine"?

There's a big scenic valley near some of my routes, and the trees are amazing.

Nice pink rose...with one tear.
Cheetos flower! with drops
The pretty scarlet flowers popped out again. As did the Mexican poppy, near the truck tire. I did run into the lady who so kindly gave me part of her plants. She thanked me for the thank you card. Is that thank you squared?
A new mystery.

And an old fave:

Saffron Finch

I was glad I had my bumbershoot with did rain.

Flowers within the flower

Dramatic clouds
Crown of Thorns plant

These tiny flowers were part of the ground cover.

I don't blame the growers, but sometimes orchids are hidden away within the yard and thus harder to snap a photo of.
And then sometimes I can get close.

The Board of Water Supply is fenced off, but there's a whole orchard of pretty pink Plumeria trees within.

This yard is raised up from the sidewalk, but I was still able to snap a photo of these pretty white roses.

God's rays

I laughed: who knew Okra grew like this? It's almost a tree!!

Pineapples keeping each other company.
More Crown of Thorns
Look way back: Lotus flower. I do wish I could have wandered into that yard.
I think this must be a seed pod from succulent, pictured to the right.
And a new mystery flower

Pineapple showing the pink. And I usually don't even eat pineapples, but they do look cute while growing.
Santa was already tired. And it's only October.

Many people take Hallowe'en seriously.
And here's the wall. The man is almost done with his work.

I do not know if you do Bible studies, but there's a good one that some friends and I are doing: Jesus and Women in the First Century and Now. It is very intriguing, and teaches about how looking at Jesus through Middle Eastern eyes is very different from how I look at the Bible and Jesus through my Western eyes. It's written by Kristi McLelland and is available through Check it out! We are doing it through Zoom. It gives women the value that we truly deserve.

Thanks for reading!

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