Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cake Accompli

I can always depend on my sweetheart to come up with something good: in this case, the expression Cake Accompli! ha.

I made a fabulous chocolate cake yesterday (find it on make with cocoa. I had dark chocolate cocoa and it turned out really well. Unfortunately, the icing is also to die for! The recipe called for 6 cups of powdered sugar, but it worked out well with just 4 cups. One has to stop somewhere. Icing is my passion. I had diabetes to show for that....

So, on to the photos from this week's walks. Some days are more photogenic than others, so I have chosen to write on a weekly basis, not daily.

I almost called this post Tap Tap. I was walking on the sidewalk when I heard a strange tapping sound. Intrigued, I backed up and looked around to find the origin. It was a Saffron Finch!
 Turned out that the rearview mirror on this car attracted the bird, so it was tapping at the "other bird". I guess it was looking for a friend.
 It wasn't conversing, just tapping on the mirror.
 Of course, then it spotted me and looked askance.
 Then it flew to the top of the car. I was thrilled because of the odd behavior, but also because I think this is the closest I've been able to get to these birds.

It peeked at me over the mirror. I was an interloper, apparently. Getting in the way of romance. 
I've also been blessed with cool clouds and light.

 And God's rays.
 I wasn't sure what this pale green thing was...a flower? A seed pod?
 And a nice yellow flower. You would think with the stay-at-home order, I would have time to look these up. But the days are packed!

Ocean and ship view. From the newly reopened park.

I don't know if the red bulb is seeds or more flowers. It is pretty, though.
 Clouds and the tree. I wonder how many birds would have to perch in the tree to make it topple? These are things I think of while walking. (Also about the person who didn't pick up after their dog: RUDE!!!!)
 More pretty clouds

I absolutely loved this flower. Great colors, and very busy with pollen and white tiny flowers.
 The plant it arose from looks cactus-y...a technical term.

 More of God's rays

 I really should look up the very pretty flowers.
 Somebody was very creative with their mailbox. 

Another ocean view
 Most orchids are near people's houses, so I can't catch their photo. But this one was leaning over the wall, so I got it.

A very busy palm
 Another pretty flower. Pollen on the yellow ends.

One of my fave types of flower. They come in this color, and also pink.
 This reminded me of undersea nudibranchs!

 The Saffron Finches flew up on this tree to escape my interruption.

 A succulent
 Rainbow tree

Forgive me if some of these got in a previous post!

I was glad to be able to catch the raindrops on the petals. 
 A big plastic flower. When I walked up to it, I was at first thrilled because it was so large. And so fake.

I would have even more pretty flower photos, but I don't go into people's yards, so that limits me. Still plenty to appreciate.
I must say that I miss going to the gym, but I am glad to have discovered all the pretty flowers. And the clouds.

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