Saturday, May 23, 2020

500th Post!

This week's post is #500. That amazes me. I wonder how many I would have had if I been able to continue to swim in Hanauma Bay. (Which is still closed, sad to say.) But it is what it is. C'est la guerre.

Today's Memorial Day swim was unmemorable. Or perhaps I should say memorable because of the awful visibility.
This Moorish Idol didn't seem to mind, but then, they can't sit the day out when it's cloudy. 
 I think the one above is a Lion's Paw Sea Cucumber, but can't be sure. Aren't you proud that I looked that up? Remember that when you see flowers below that I can't identify. HA.
 I think this is a red sponge. Again, it's hard to be absolutely sure, but it looks like the ones in the book, and that book says they are prevalent. 

It did seem funny to be swimming, pop up and see high rises! Everyone and their mother was at the beach today, but I was able to secure a legal parking space. Score!
These are the little islets sticking up offshore. I thought to go out beyond and see if the visibility was any better, but due to paddle surfers, I decided not to. I'm not going to say the swim was a complete waste, as I was able to get wet. And didn't drown. All good!
 Pretty flowers and the seed pods.

 Moon on the way to Safeway.

 Rain off of Ala Moana
 I do enjoy these red flowers. Perhaps later I'll get online and search for their type/name. I don't have flower books.
Find the Saffron Finch.

Awesome clouds

 Sometimes these shapes just grab me.

 Isn't God HUGE?!

 I try to stay away from bees, because usually my sweetheart is with me and he's allergic. The one below was working early, before it got too hot.

This one below reminds me a bird mask....Mardi Gras!
 Finally a semi-decent Puffball picture.

Rain off of the park.

And a rainbow. (Genesis 9:16) In French, it's arc-en-ciel.
 I'm calling this series of photos (taken over several days) as flowers in Jail.

 Clouds breaking out with God's rays.
 I shall have to look this plant up too. I've seen enough now that I really feel I'm neglecting it.

The reward for going early: the water is still on from the overnight dew and/or early morning rain. (Gordon Lightfoot.In the Early Morning Rain..please look it up and listen. For you young 'uns.)
 That mystery flower and perhaps a yellow daisy.

Pretty seeds or berries
 Does it surprise you that there are cactus in Hawaii? But then, many things can be imported. (You'd think toilet paper would be paramount.) I think the one below might be the tallest I've seen.

Corgi butt! I thought I might have more time to get more photos, but after the initial barking, apparently I grew boring, so it turned around and departed. But you can still see the cute Corgi ears! Maybe I should call this Corgi in Jail.
 These pretty flowers also had a nice vine twined around them. See below.
 Dang, another mystery flower! I have things to do, people!

I think of this flower as having runways and landing strips. It was once explained to me that having the yellowish fuzzy part will catch pollen from bees and keep it in the plant.

No clue. But interesting.

Orchids. Sometimes I can't get close because of the Dog in the Yard signs. Or just because I won't go on someone's property.

Ah, the pineapple. I like the coral-tinge on the leaves. 
 Pink Plumeria. The gardener offered to give me one, but I'd rather see them on the tree. It occurred to me afterward that I stopped his chance to be nice! I'll accept one if offered next time.
 Pink is my fave flower color.


 Saffron Finches on the lawn. They didn't immediately fly away. Yay.

More flowers in jail. I couldn't really get close enough to tell if the white ones were interlopers or part of the red flower. Does look rather like a face, right?
 Perhaps my fave Plumeria. The pink ones.

And pink clouds.
Saffron Finches and Chestnut mannikins.
 In the one below, the finches are on the wall to the left.
 Blue. With white threads and water droplets.
 The seedpod.

Nice clouds

A cross necklace, back from when I was a beading person. 
 That scarlet flower.
 Yellow flowers and seed pods.

 This is one of my current favorite plant photos. 

And the I think it's Ginger with an upcoming yellow flower.

Coral hibiscus

 This plant surprised me! The coral color is on the actual leaves near the stem.
 Maybe I shouldn't look these up: I might find out they are poisonous or something. 
 More cool seed pods.

 I often hear myself saying PRETTY as I walk along. More plumeria in jail.

 Who could not appreciate these beauties?!
 Yellow plumeria also in jail.
 This one I have to look up too. Very pretty.
 Red flowers with seed pod or nut.
 Nice roses.

And 2 Saffron Finches busting out of jail!

 The jail thing seems prevalent now that I'm putting them in a post.
 Small pretty orchids in jail.
Saffron Finches and a Brazilian Cardinal. Perhaps they were less afraid when the larger bird was also there.
 Blue on the way home.
 God's rays
 So delicate
 So huge!
So thanks for reading! 500 posts seems like a huge number for some reason. Here's hoping and praying I'll be able to keep taking pretty pix. And also perhaps an octopus will show up next time I swim. For all I know, I could have seen 10 of them today, but the water just wasn't clear enough. Appreciate your friends and family. Happy Memorial Day!

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