Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Sorry, crab! MY BAD

I don't know if you know Angela Johnson, the comic. She's a hoot!

Anyway, she has a bit where her aunty accidentally runs over a dog. (Yes, I know it is hard to think of this as funny, but...) The aunty says "Soddy dog!" 

I say all this because I accidentally brought a tiny hermit crab home today. I only found it when I put the shells and operculum in bleach and it ran up the side of the little cup! EEK. I immediately put it into fresh water, thinking that was at least better than water. Then it went outside. MY BAD! And here's how one knows I'm a photographer: I thought: I should have taken a photo of it! I do try not to kill the wildlife.

I am currently listening to an album while I'm writing this post: Buffy Sainte-Marie!!! I listened to her (and sang along) when I was growing up. So powerful. Anyway, she's still singing and recording. Such an amazing artist. If you don't already know her music, check her out on youtube.

So the octopus was back today: YAY. 

Skybox view 
 Peeking at me
 It popped up when I went away; sneaked back and took this photo. The eye has small white lines radiating out from it....just below the red rock.
Very happy to spot this one. It is now a regular, but didn't appear to be home last time I looked.

And there was a snoozing seal on the beach.

I took the one to the right from the water; below, from the beach
This Cornet was about 3 feet long (guessing.) They are super impressive and move really fluidly through the water. Great hunters.

3 Moorish Idols
 Abudefduf bending.

Ambon Puffer showing its lovely colors and dots.

This urchin picked up a shell to put on its back (purple at bottom)
 I have been ignoring this fish, but noticed today how pretty it is. So many patterns and colors.
 This is a bluelined butterfly...NOT a stripey! I have been misrepresenting it. Hate it when that happens!
 Find the eel. Yes, there is one. It's with with spots. Well hidden.
 Female Trunk or box fish
 Male box fish
Years ago (30+), this was the most fabulous fish I would routinely see. Hawaiian name is Palani. The other name is surgeon fish. Really pretty; it has nice color patterns on its skin, which aren't evident here.
 Pencils. Long story short: urchin in the deep side. I wasn't going to go to the deep side, but my vertigo had gone away, so I did. Without any problems. Thank you, God!

Nice bubble shell. It's still there.
 Find the eel. Apparently, octopus are not the only ones that peek at swimmers.
 Another nice tang. And again, it has lovely patterns on its hide.
 I call this one Toupee Urchin. HA.
 The trash, glass, scrunchies, bracelets and shells I brought back home.
 Bluefin Trevally and Christmas Wrasse female. I always enjoy seeing this type of wrasse...it reminds me of the time I cut fishing line off of one. Hope it's still swimming.
 I see these all the time. My bad memory forgets what they are, but they look like a tan tube and the white fronds go out to find food. I think!
Very glad my brief foray into vertigo has gone away. Going without swimming would be bad.....

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