Saturday, July 7, 2018


The water was so funky today that instead of my usual 300-500 pix, I took only 44! And no octopuses. I wasn't surprised, as it requires good visibility to spot those good camouflage artists.

 Flea bite cone shell. Not sure what the aqua "gunk" is, but it made a nice photo. Not pristine, but interesting.
 See the quality of the water? Or rather, the lack of same? The Bluefin Trevally was trying to find something within the group of goat fish.

This Humu was already hiding in this hole when I saw it. Not sure what it was doing.
 Sleeping Honu. 

Palms with overcast skies. It rained on us a bit, but no worries: wet anyway!
This Trevally was following the Snowflake eel. There were a lot of Bluefin Trevally out and about today, so maybe the octopus got the word and stayed hidden.

This was today's "catch." Hook, earring, barrette, lead, and glass. Oh and operculum, too. I have a new practice of throwing away lead and hooks. 

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