Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Huge Devil Scorpion Fish and flounder

Thankfully, the scorp and the flounder were not together!
 This was the largest scorp I've seen in a while..If you can't immediately see it, look for the fin and follow it up. To the left is the head, to the right is the tail.

Flounder face. Did you know the eyes start out on opposing sides of the face and migrate to one side as it matures?
 Would you have spotted it?!
These four cowries were hiding in an indentation in the rocks.
 A black Leaf Fish, a member of the scorpion fish family. I usually see a light greenish/yellowish version.

Trunk fish and convict tang.
 I think these white things might be egg cases. I might also be totally wrong!
 The third seal swam by me and tried to join in the fun on the beach. The two seals already there weren't having it! One barked the other one away...

Pencil urchin:
 The seal below swam by me before trying to join in the photo above. You really get the idea of strength and fluidity! These are athletes, no matter how different they appear on land...
 This Christmas Wrasse was harassing the snowflake moray eel.

This white mouth moray didn't like me swimming by. What did I do?
But alas, a good swim, albeit without an octo-sighting. 

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