Sunday, February 11, 2018

Six octopuses! oh and other cool stuff

Starting off with two Abudefduf. Near the dividing line between the kiddie pond and the deeper area. Again today, more octopuses in the deep part! But there was one in the kiddie pond. 
 A pair of pinktail durgon. I don't mean they were together actually though. These fish tend to maneuver on their own.

A Drupe (the bigger shell near the left corner) and a Basket shell...the smaller one. Similar but not the same.
 3 of my Rock Mover pals. These were pretty decent size, so probably teenagers. Well, not sure how long they live, but I mean intermediate size.

Achilles Tang. Love the orange.
 Ambon Puffer. It is amazing how tough it is to get a photo of that electric blue fin underneath!

OK, now, which animal did you spot first?
 The Spotfin Scorpion fish? Or the little Snowflake Moray eel peeking out to its left?
 One of the 6 octopuses. And a bit of urchin in the back.
 The Cone above got a bit broken up, but I'd be willing to bet someone was living inside: either the "real" animal or a crab. 

Brighteye Chromis.
 This urchin probably weighed twice as much because of the stuff it was carrying around.
 Nice lobes of coral. Sometimes I spot crabs or fish hiding inside these empty spaces.

It's a little easier to see the shells when they are enlarged like this.
 Octopus deep in its den.

Trust me, there really was one in there! It was just not supported by good light. So hard to see. But that's what they do: put stones in front of the den for protection from octo-snoops like me.
 I was very happy to see an octopus once again in this coral head. I check it each time I swim, if the deep side is open, and it has been empty or occupied by a crab for quite a while. So it was nice to see this one in the hole.
 I actually thought: what IS plugging up that hole? at first...
 Another octopus, hiding, too.

This octopus is to the right of the Bluefin's tail..
 He saw me right away.
 Deeply hiding octopus.

 Hebrew Cone Shell

Moorish Idols...I'll follow you.
 Above and below: two Juliana's Sea Hares. Differing sizes, that's how I was certain I wasn't just seeing the same one again.

Da leaf fish.
 This little urchin was about 3 inches across. Very cute.
 I scared this Lizard Fish and it flew off. But stopped again for its closeup.

Nice male Trunk Fish with face showing for a change.
 I do not know what these pale ivory colored things are. But they were interesting.
 The Spotfin and Moray again. I guess the Moray was more worried about me than the Spotfin...I am bigger, but I don't have poisonous spines.
The storm clouds above where I swim. 
 And of course, palm trees!

Nice blue parrot fish.
 Pencil urchins.

I think it's a Horn shell. and I think it was occupied. drat.
 Snoozing seal.

The Spotfin and the Moray.

 An urchin parade. ha.
 Was it something I said?!
A very nice swim. Six octopuses, well yeah. Missed my friend, though, as she had to take someone into town. Still, a very good day and a good prayer time at church. What a Sunday!

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