Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Last octo-snoop post for a while

I will be having surgery tomorrow, so I'll be out of the water for a hopefully little while. I saw 5 octopuses..I wonder if they will miss me?
 Can't blame ya if you can't see the octopus above...It's the brown part just above all the rocks. I'm pretty sure that, being as intelligent as they are, they choose the "shady" side of the rocks. Makes me wonder if they move to adjust for the afternoon sun....
 I guess I need a new gardening glove..
 Hiding behind a fence of rocks.
 The octopus is just above and to the left of the white/red rock.
 This one was a really good hider! Above and to the left of the group of rocks. It has white lines radiating out from its eye.
 Same octopus, but now, with smooth skin. They can go from bumpy to smooth very quickly.
A surprise octopus near the end of the dive.  Very nice sightings. 
 He had the one eye open to watch who was sneaking up on him.

Two of my fave fish: Abudefduf and Pinktail Durgon
 Ambon Puffer...ok, I have a LOT of fave fish! You can just barely see the electric blue fin near his tail. Very pretty. 
 Barred file fish, sneaking away.
 Christmas Wrasse. I'm always glad when I get even a mediocre picture of them, as they move pretty quickly.

A Drupe shell and possibly a cone shell. The Drupe is the black spotted one.
 Doesn't it look like egg yolk on its back?
 More goat fish milling about.

This Leaf Fish was hiding out in a new spot. It was smaller than the one I have been seeing, so it might be a new one.
 Needle Fish
 Pencil Urchin
Isn't sand amazing? So chock full of stuff.  And of course, the Leaf Fish.
Enjoy the ocean near you! Thanks to God for safety and all the cool critters.

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