Sunday, March 17, 2024

Pueo Rescue!!

 I was coming home from church today, when I saw this bird fly across the highway (50 mph) and drop into the bushes on the side of the road. I was 2 cars behind, so I pulled off the road and put on my emergency flashers and got out, carefully.

When I got to the bird, another person from my church stopped too. He didn't have a bag, but I found one in my trunk that had my groceries. It is a very soft, nice bag with handles, so I dumped out the groceries and went back to the bird. My co-rescuer said it flew off across the road while I was gone. Yay! It could still fly!

So I watched traffic and was able to cross. Poor thing was down in the weeds on the opposite side of the road. It watched me with its yellow eyes. It didn't squeek or anything, just kept looking up at me.

My other pal, who had also stopped, said, just put the bag over it! Which I did. We were able to get it carefully into the bag. It never tried to bite or claw at all.

So I drove to the Waimea Fire Station, praying all the way7. The gents there were able to put it in the Shearwater box. It was still alive, but quiet, when I left! The Save Our Shearwaters worker said they would have a tech there soon and hopefully it will be ok.

Save our native Hawaiian Birds! I'm just glad I was on the scene immediately and able to help.

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