Monday, September 4, 2023

Still seeing some meteors! God is good!

 I am very happy to report I continue to see some meteors. Not the 62 in one early morning that I had not too long again, but seeing any meteors works for me. 

Moon, I think and perhaps another planet...I store these for a week. Forgive my forgetting!

Moon and cloud

Nene flying over head.

They make a funny squawking noise as they fly.

Heron looking for breakfast.
God's rays at night.
Venus in the morning.

I put a little thank you note on the gardener's fence: Very pretty roses!

God's rays early morning.
Is there another treat coming soon?! Don't you love those sad eyes?

Waimea River
God's rays

Moon, clouds, tree

Bird sanctuary

I can't see them well enough to know what they are. But definitely shorebirds.


The new pedal-assisted bike! He loves it.

Heron awaiting a fish breakfast.

God's rays muted.

God's rays without power lines.

Cans to be recycled.

They were working on a concrete driveway, so she was more confined.
Nice week. Still seeing meteors. Thanks, God! Keep on sending them my way.

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