Sunday, May 14, 2023

the International Space Station, a meteor and 4 bugs

Moon near clouds
It is amazing what people leave behind in the ocean. I think this mask had been there for a while, because there was no glass in the eye area.
A nice small seal dozing on the beach. (It was roped off for protection.) You can see how people might think it was dead, as they don't move at all when sleeping...couldn't even see it breathing. I did see it move, though, so it was definitely alive.
I saw this little stuffed octopus at the Whaler's Cove drugstore. I bought it so I could say I saw an octopus...since I didn't see a real one in the water that day.
My favorite Boxer got a new squeaky toy from me. She loved it.
Two little plants. Bitter Melon.
Moon hiding
Clouds over the ocean.
Rain out there, too.
Pretty pink on the cactus.
And more Bitter Melon sproutings popped out.

I think its name is Cereus of some type. On Oahu, when I last saw this type, it was loaded with bees. This one had none. Perhaps they only feed in the morning? The bees I mean.

 I also saw the space station and a few more meteors. Much fun. And my niece had her beautiful baby. Mom and baby are healthy and happy. Thanks for reading! (the 4 bugs flew by me while stargazing.)


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