Monday, March 27, 2023

Bob is doing well

 I have named the Brown Booby: Bob!   He is alive and well and fishing along the shoreline in Kekaha.

 He fished near a human fisherman, who was smart enough to get out in the water and cast off from there. I wonder what Bob was thinking.

A gardener on one of my routes grows the prettiest roses. Surprisingly, the rose isn't a regular flower grown here; most folks go with bougainvillea, plumeria, hibiscus. Perhaps this soil is tough on roses. But I am certainly no expert!

I have to laugh every time she does this: she will lie down on my foot to keep me in place.

Ever alert to what is happening in the neighbor's yard...

I just can't say no to those warm eyes...but I was out of treats.
So she lay down for a nap.

Nothing gets by her notice. I did hear that she has twice recently escaped to a neighbor's yard. 

And later is apparently bored by the whole thing.

She takes treats very seriously.

Apparently, going 90 miles per hour can make one a bit tired.

Sunrise colors

And colorful clouds

Oh boy! This tree is already heavy with mangoes. I can hardly wait for ours to grow fruit like this tree.

Bitter Melon fruit and, below, the flowers.

This tree's mangoes ripened earlier.

Plumeria with morning dew.

I have no clue how old this barrel cactus is, but I surely do enjoy this plant.

And this one. Love those colors.


The people who take care of this yard apparently decided to let their plastic dogs wear the Santa hats year round.
I am not an eggplant fan, but did see this yellow one.
Palm trees for you know who.

We do get very lovely clouds.

More pretty roses

There were 7 turtles hauled up on the beach at one time!

Out where the waves were breaking was where I saw the octopuses.

I enjoy these paddle cactuses, grown out of the older paddle.


Another Bitter Melon flower.

The owner keeps the treats in his shorts pocket.

Niihau from the base.

Red Cardinal, way up top and singing.

She had one big piece of hide and she worried that thing for a long time.

Niihau had its own cloud that morning.
I haven't searched for this plant yet. But it sure was interesting.

Monarch butterfly taking a rest.

She probably wonders why I take her photo so often.

Another red Cardinal, singing its little lungs out.
I am enjoying more sights, now that the rain has stopped for a while. Have a great week. And thank you for reading.

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