Sunday, February 12, 2023

New Bones



I bought the bigger bones in a box for her. She loves them!

Looking my way to see if there are more treats coming. She can be a fair weather dog: once the treats are gone, she goes to peruse the yard or lie down with her left leg folded under her. On alert for chickens or cats.

65 pounds of doggy enthusiasm

Well, unless she's tired from all the treats.

Nearby Micky Mouse cactus

There was a ring around the moon. and a streetlight over the house that rivaled the Moon's light.

The 2 bright pinpricks are Venus and Jupiter, I think. 

Dolphins frolicking offshore.

Will there be treats again any time soon? No, I am seriously asking!

She really is a 4 legged dog, but tucks her left leg up under herself, while on guard duty.

Her favorite ball. 
Oh the slobber!

Smiling ball

The Brown Booby

God's rays coming from the ocean

Double rainbow

I can get obsessed sometimes.

I enjoy the wrinkles on her forehead. 

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