Sunday, August 21, 2022

A full sky of stars and planets and even a meteor!

 One really good thing about Kekaha is that it is hot and sometimes dry, so our clouds are fewer. This means we have wonderful star views! And I saw Jupiter overhead, as well as Venus. And the Moon. And a meteor!

Of course, no pix, as my camera doesn't catch those things very well. But I do remember them. How clear and beautiful they were.

Now, I wouldn't normally start off with the jawbones of pigs, but since I'm married to an archaeologist, I'm somewhat entitled, non? I would never put them on my fence, however. Different strokes, different folks. I also could only kill a feral pig if it was racing toward me. And with what weapon? My camera?!

Little lizard ran and then stopped. Never one to miss a photo op, I guess.

I think this is a Royal Palm.

I thought at first it was a goat, but now I am thinking it's some kind of ram. Nobody but the horses were home, so no one to ask.
Niihau and Lehua islands. My sweetie thought to take us up to Kokee and Waimea Canyon. Wonderful views.
And we saw Nene geese. They have a reputation of being noisy and territorial.

Napali cliffs with boat

Helicopter and Red Tailed Tropicbird, both enjoying the wind.

One of his funny t-shirts.

Waimea Canyon

Niihau again from the Canyon road.

Crown Flower seed pods

Clouds over the water

A big cactus

Another lizard that decided it was ok to stop for a photo.

Fish in one of the canals

"Who's there?"
St. Theresa's church cross
Getting the Moon in the shot is always problematic, but if I include something nearby, it works.

Palm trees for you know who.

Moon and birds


Heron, doubtless deciding on lunch menu.
These photos are mostly from my walks. I see quite a bit. Sadly, I lost my new insurance card: never put small things in with your phone while on a walk! And have a great week. 

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