Saturday, July 9, 2022

At the corner of I don't know and Please don't ask me!

 I saw a cool dog yesterday:

Of course, he barked at me at first, but then allowed me to scratch behind his ears. And what a cute raincoat. As I walked away, I thought, now how to find him again? I must memorize the street cross. I realized I didn't know either street, so I'm calling it the corner of "I don't know" and "Please don't ask me!"  (I am notably geo-challenged.)

And the tiniest gecko stopped long enough for my camera to catch him. Maybe 2 inches long. And fast.

I think his eyes look sneaky.
God's rays

Aww. I am having to reassess my opinion: small dogs don't always yap!
I finally saw the Moon again. It has been "missing" due to clouds for a while.

Bitter Melon fruit, before the birds get to it.
Desert Rose and maybe some kind of ginger.
Nice brindle coat.
I might bark if I had this physique too.

Saffron finches, looking for seeds.
Sheltie extraordinaire.
Crown of Thorns plants. They come with several colors of flowers.
Doesn't it appear that these Pomeranians are smiling?
This is Dallas. She has a bit of big hair problem, but the rubber band helps on this little Shih Tzu.

Clouds of many colors

Cool lady bug! I think Olla V-nigrum. Aren't you proud of me for looking that up?!

Holes in the sky 

Breadfruit fruit

Someone's mailbox
Magnolia finally blooming again.

Shiba Inu
She said these pugs have had health problems, but that they had the nose surgery, so they don't snore.

Rain coming down elsewhere

A friend's nice bougainvillea

This is the dog that runs in a tight circle when loud cars go by. I have a goal to catch a movie of it.

I'm told these are Bozu flowers.
Crown of Thorns, really showing the thorns, as well as the flowers.

People can be very creative and artistic.


Tired rose, but still pretty

The 5 strand Pikake lei I was given by my small group. Quite lovely and fragrant.

On a recent Jeopardy episode, none of the 3 contestants knew this was a Plumeria. I'm here to help.

Nice rain and white fluffy clouds.
A beautiful cream golden retriever

Tibetan spaniels. A mom and 2 sons.

I do think some of these are repeats. Hard to keep track while working on a move.

I know this is a repeat, but he's just so cute, looking through the fence!
All the best. Have a great Sunday. 

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