Sunday, June 5, 2022

Mourning and gladness

My sister-in-law's Mom passed away this week. The gladness mixed with mourning sadness is that she lived a good long life and was surrounded with loving family when she passed. 

I am glad that I put a comment on this photo when I saved it for my blog post: For my brother! Because he raises bees. The bee pictured here just wandered around. Not sure why. It wasn't doing its pollen gathering.
Holes in the early morning sky

God's rays

I do not know how one can discipline such a cute dog and trusting face! If you are unfamiliar, it is a Sheltie.

I think they might be called Donkey's Tails. 
Rainbow on the street near us.
Just barely there.

Someone made a speed limit suggestion.
Gardenias and roses

I hesitate to say the pink blush is my favorite. It seems I have many favorites.

This was a little lizard. I'm thankful he stayed still for a bit.

For my Kauai friend....
Mother of Thousands. This is the plant that is poisonous to small animals.
Creamy pink Plumeria

And a cool cactus.
This is the color of rose (Sterling Silver) that we had at our wedding. 24 years ago! Celebrating 24 tomorrow.
I like how the Hibiscus, even when closed up overnight, still is able to have enough exposure to be able to pass along pollen.

The top of Akaaka street. It's a challenge to get up there, so I always pause to enjoy the nice breezes that come up the valley.

An amorous lizard couple. 

When the female saw me, she took off, with the male still on board.

I never tire of these lovely colors.

Loved the signs...both this one and the one below were on the same car.

This cute little dog just got a summer haircut. It's amazing how different he looks. And he has cute spots on his chest, which I hadn't seen when he had all that hair.
Succulent plants often have this tall protuberance which has a flower eventually.
The lizards were out!
Pink orchids. So incredible that they have so many sizes, shapes, colors. Most that I have spotted here on Oahu do not have a scent.

Thanks for reading. I do appreciate you taking the time.

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