Sunday, April 11, 2021

Flowers, Birds and Dogs...oh my!

 I had a wonderful week, and am thankful for the scant rain! Many folks have had flooding, so it's good to be able to recover a bit.

Apparently, even Saffron Finches receive mail. Here they are patiently waiting for it.
Bunny twinkled his nose. I brought carrots, but apparently, he already had some.

This patch of pineapples has 13!

Somebody lost their bra. I'll spare you the panties picture.
The bunny, just in time for Easter, has a little trail along the fence where he runs. He jumps over plant impediments easily.

God's rays and a bit of rain in the distance.

They are serious about not wanting us to climb the power station.
Small bit of rainbow

White Rumped Shama on the sign. It jumped over to the nearby tree just after I took this.

Bitter melon

More rainbow in the clouds

Arrived just after the watering took place
but before the water lilies opened.

I'm on another pink roll.

They actually look like birds don't they?

The cute dog was at first quiet, but then barked so I would pet it. I didn't. But I did manage to pet a Shiba Inu this week without itching.

Only one mystery flower this week. I can look it up. But will I?

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