Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Rain, but gentle rain!

I am still getting accustomed to my new computer and getting everything turned over to it. 

Somebody really loves succulents!
The inner part of this is really hard..I'm guessing there are lots of leaves curled up inside it.
Bromeliad variation. I like the colors.
I like these colors too!

Bunny. Awwww. He will come up to the fence nowadays when he sees me. Even without a carrot!
We're guessing some kind of caterpillar. It didn't move at all, so not sure if it was alive.

God's rays

The lady who has these trumpet flowers also has 2 ducks in her yard. ha. very cute.

I laugh when I see these two. The owner calls the littler one his mop.

I am praying for a peaceful transition of power tomorrow. Peace and unity for our nation!

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