Sunday, August 16, 2020


Saw a nice sign today on my walk: ASAP - always say a prayer. I agree!

I would have been saying a definite prayer had I been on the roof as this cat was!
God's clouds

Something about these creamy white flowers intrigues me.
 Ducks in jail! They were so cute, waddling around the yard.

 God's rays

 Lizard King of the Rock
 I don't know what this bud turns into, but it looked like a pink onion!

 Pink was apparently the theme.
 Unless you look at the nice yellow curves of the Plumeria.
 Puppet in jail. That was a first.
 Purple pretty

Sunflowers against the clouds
 Mystery yellow flower
Delicate is big in my book
 But so is Breadfruit (Ulu)

 Cats always look at me. That's why I prefer dogs: much friendlier. (Unless barking.)

 Apparently patrolling the yard is hard work.

These yellow blooms are the other alternate to the scarlet ones. Note the hanging fruit. The bees were all over the yellow bloom.
 In the grass

 Orange fruit

About to open 

 I shall have to investigate this website!
 Two Kolea!!!
 And lizards

 Look left of the pink bloom...another lizard.

This one wanted to advertise his virility.

Melon and maybe mushrooms to its right.

Def on duty 

 About ready

Whoever gardens at this house really loves roses. These had a very nice smell, too.

What's not to love? Smiling is always better than barking.
 Succulents and one yellow flower.

A very nice lady gave me a pot of this green plant. 

 The flower was dried up by Sunday.


These pink leaves aren't really fleshy: they are just bent, so they look thick. I enjoy the yellow flower contrast.
 Inside the purple one.

Short tail lizard
 Ready to run

I wouldn't have thought of a missile for a mailbox.
 Maybe a mushroom?
 Orchids in jail.

 Pretty flower in jail for protection.

I'm really leaning toward trying to grow an orchid plant.
 Red roses trying to escape jail.

If you look closely, there's a Saffron Finch on top of the middle peak of the tree:
 Saint in jail

 A sprinkler rainbow! I got wet taking the picture, but totally worth it.

 Three blooms on a bougainvillea.

Since there are military activities on island, I often hear then see the helicopters.
 A big bud waiting to open.

Somebody put an anchor near their mailbox and covered with flowers.
 I smiled with this bike covered in flowers.

A cross in the sidewalk
 I laughed with this one. 

Looked like a dragon.

 Someone was very artistic. I think it might be made of glass. Once I walked away and looked back, there were others in blue color, but too close to the house. I never want to include a home's windows or other identifying data.
 God's rays
 Hairy purple

Hibiscus reaching for the sky
 This is my current favorite Hibiscus color pattern.

Lotus. I didn't see any fish, so I wonder if they get mosquitoes with their water.
 Mysterious flowers

 Nice shade of purple and yellow

 Someone is artistic.
 And for my hubby, the mini-golf course in someone's yard. HA.


Actually got a photo of this cool butterfly. 
 Cactus and cactus roses in jail
 I still think of these as Cheetos flowers, since there's the orange evidence. Well, in this case, it's pollen.
 The light caught this hanging flower just right.

Fattest cat I've seen lately. Didn't budge either.

Another King of the Hill lizard.
 I love the variety in this garden. Unfortunately, getting closer would mean entering their yard. No can.
 The pineapple was taken, but the melon awaits.

Mexican Poppy and flower is back.
 Mystery fruit

Rose and ladybug

 Somebody is now eating the pineapple.

Lots of lovely flowers. The butterfly was a nice surprise. 

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