Sunday, July 19, 2020

We are moved

We are moved. Now I can sit at my computer and hear the golfers across the street. It reminds me of my Dad...and the reason that I don't golf. (Because he always tried to tell me what I was doing wrong. Never what I was doing that was right.)

Enough whining!

I had a nice walk today: revisited the old neighborhood and was rewarded with one of those pretty scarlet flowers:
 with water droplets. I would have gotten a closer snap, but didn't want to go in their driveway.

 Just in case one strand of pollen isn't enough!
I was also surprised to see pollen on this flower:

I guess I had never looked really closely, but note the small flowers that have pollen at the end of the pink stalks. Incorporated in the bigger flower.

But I am getting ahead of myself. These previous shots were from today; I have to include the photos since the last post.

Below, Hibiscus. I think I've been misnaming these...oops.

 Cloud rainbow

 Cloud U

 More flowers in jail
 Some kind of orchid, I'm guessin'.

 This Golden Retriever pup was totally ready to play. But he was in jail....
 About to bloom

 Moon and rainbow: doesn't get much better than that.

Still waiting for this one to burst out with flowers or something. 

 Is there any end to the many types of Orchid?

Papaya and lemons in jail.

 These flowers are so busy.

 Look in the center of this Plumeria...little tiny hairs. Maybe to scrape pollen off a bug?

 More cloud rainbow and the Moon

I love the water droplets.  


 A bunch of Saffron Finches

Finally branched out in my new neighborhood. And found a butterfly.
 And pretty pink. Note the big stalk in the center. Not sure of its purpose.

 I do know it's a very pretty flower.

Maybe chilis?

 And the darker version of this pretty plant. Normally, the ones I see are more of a cornflower color.
 Above, perhaps orchids? Below, definitely orchids.
 I could even see Diamondhead in the distance. And the ocean. Waiting to get in again, hopefully soon.
 I wonder how they get different colors on the same stalk?
 Pink boug.

 Another busy but very pretty flower grouping

Yesterday, my sweetheart made an appointment to go to the Waikiki Aquarium. Nice visit!
 The black frogfish was quite well camouflaged.

As was the sweetheart...even with his Domo for President t-shirt.
 Pretty cloud from the morning.
 The only sad thing was that there was no octopus. The exhibit was under renovation....
 But the Humu was scooting back and forth in his exhibit.
 These sea horses were so small. And very adorable.

At least the octopus was part of the decor, even if only on a poster. 
 Achilles Tang. This fish really wanted out! It kept sweeping back and forth, as if looking for something it wasn't finding.

Pinktail Durgon! 
 And the seal also swam back and forth. Possibly also bored.

White fleurs in jail.

So that's the scoop on the old and new neighborhood. Lots of pretty.

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